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Download McCauley Health & Beauty Pharmacy App


Struggling to keep track of your prescriptions? With the launch of the brand-new McCauley Health & Beauty Pharmacy app, consumers can now say goodbye to long pharmacy queues and can instantly view their medical history, with the touch of a button. The new innovative app provides an all-in-one platform for patient and carer medical management.

The all-in-one app provides a direct link to a local McCauley Health & Beauty Pharmacy, allowing patients and carers to upload their prescriptions to the system and order within a few quick clicks. Once the prescription is ready, the app will send a notification directly to the phone and can be collected with the original paper prescription at the customer’s own convenience*.

This click-and-collect service is ideal for busy parents and carers alike, they can simply pre-order a prescription and avoid having to wait in the queues for it to be prepared. The app also allows consumers to directly message their pharmacist with queries about their medicines, receive medication reminders, and provides access to their complete medicine history. These unique elements will be useful for consumers who require an out-of-hours emergency service, if they are attending a different GP, or for those in caring roles for older people who often have several different prescriptions at one time.

Benefits of the app

  • Current medication
    • The patient or carer can order the medication items that are on ‘repeat prescribing’ in their pharmacy, and these will automatically be notified to the pharmacy and placed on the work schedule of the dispensary, ensuring that they are prepared and ready to be collected on the date that the patient has indicated. 
  • Prescription History
    • The patient or their approved carer can view their prescription and medicines dispensed history. This feature is particularly useful if the patient needs to access emergency or out-of-hours care, or when on holiday as it gives other health care professionals a full and clear view of the medication which the patient has been prescribed. 
  • Pharmacy details
    • The McCauley App also provides the patient with contact details and opening hours of all McCauley Chemists. Patients can also take and send a photograph of any new prescription, thereby speeding up the time that the patient needs to spend in the pharmacy waiting for the prescription to be filled.

*Customers collecting repeat prescriptions from their regular McCauley Pharmacy will not need the original paper prescription as it will be stored on file. In this instance, customers can simply show a photo of the repeat prescription on their McCauley Pharmacy app.


1. Go to the App Store or Google Play

2. Search for McCauley Pharmacy App

3. Download the McCauley Pharmacy App

4. Visit your local McCauley Pharmacy, receive your registration code from your Pharmacist and this will activate your pharmacy history. 

5. You are ready to order your medication from your phone