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This year we are fundraising instore for Cork University Hospital (CUH) to raise vital funds for their end-of-life suite.


Many of us will have been in a position where a loved one has passed in a hospital setting. Many would have preferred this to happen at home, but sometimes that’s just not feasible.


CUH is creating an end-of-life suite for those patients in Palliative Care who will pass in CUH. It’s for the patient, but also for the families.


The medical team will ensure relatives are comfortable, but who ensures you are comfortable during such a difficult time?


CUH will create a space where you can just be with your relative in those precious last hours. They want to provide lots of small comforts in the suite like phone chargers, tea and coffee, comfy furniture, a shower, a toilet, and more. These little additions mean you can feel a little more comfortable, make it a little more homely and will mean you won’t need to go too far for the basics.


While this is not your home, and they don’t expect to replicate that, they want families to feel as comfortable as possible in what is an extremely difficult situation.


How can you help?


Please donate to the various in-store events taking place in McCauley this year. Donate in stores or visit


We are so proud to support CUH who are a vital healthcare provider in our community.