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Harnessing the power of the ocean. SEABODY unlocks the power of ocean plants from the Irish Atlantic coastline, to create, luxury oceanic-based food supplements and skincare products.

Discover SEABODY

Aquasurge Day Serum

A super-hydrating daily serum that uses the plumping power of marine hydration factors and hyaluronic acid to quench and give skin a dewy glow.

Glycan Enrich Moisturiser 

A supercharged moisturiser with multi-functional marine actives, including time release microencapsulated MaraFucoidan™, Vegan Algal Omegas, Phyto-ceramides, Phytosqualane and Vitamins B, C & E.

Hydrogel Mask Cleanser

A luxurious ultra-nourishing cleansing gel, enriched with multifunctional marine glycan complexes PhytoMara™, MaraFucoidan™ and μ Algae™, Phytosqualane, Niacinamide, Vitamin E and Botanical Lipids.

Pentabrite Eye Serum

The unique formula contains Microencapsulated Marine Bioactive; along with Hyaluronic Acid, Kojic Acid, Vitamins C & E, and Niacinamide, Caffeine, and Upcycled Blueberry Seed Oil. 

Overnight Elixir Serum 

This lightweight hybrid serum is enriched with microencapsulated marine actives, MaraFucoidan™ and PhytoMara™, which neutralise free radicals, support dermal cell turnover and collagen & elastin production. 



At SEABODY, integrity and impact are at the core of all we do. To deliver on this, for SEABODY’s bioactive extracts, only sustainably cultivated and hand harvested seaweeds are used, from which SEABODY’s potent bioactive ingredients are isolated.

Our passionate team of biochemists and nutritionists take cues from biology to develop bespoke formulations, each of which combines SEABODY’s algal bioactives with key micronutrients.

Seabody & Sustainability 

Nature is the most amazing and advanced technology on the planet, it provides us with everything we need to survive; food, clean water, shelter and medicine. It is zero waste and in a constant state of upcycling and recycling. It is the most perfectly designed, sustainable and circular system.

At SEABODY we have taken cues from nature to develop zero waste processes to create concentrates of the potent and bioactive molecules in Seaweed in their closest to nature form. These concentrates are combined with the highest quality plant-based co-ingredients in highly targeted formulations which look beautiful, are designed for efficacy and deliver a wonderful skin feel and sensory experience.


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