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Pestle & Mortar



My background in portrait photography led to the inspiration behind Pestle and Mortar. Whilst working alongside my husband in his portrait photography business, I noticed that models’ skin often appeared dull, patchy and dry. I felt that there had to be a way to achieve a natural look without using layers upon layers of make-up. Finding a solution for preserving, enhancing and maintaining the natural beauty of the skin without employing complicated routines and using cost prohibitive products became my mission.

My experience from behind the lens combined with my immediate family ancestry of six generations of Indian medicine men have been instrumental in shaping Pestle & Mortar.  I wanted to create a lasting skincare brand that would fuse natural healing principles with science to provide simple solutions for beautiful skin. As a mother-of -five running a global skincare brand, I recognise that women value uncomplicated skincare routines that fit into their busy lives and provide them with a touch of luxury every day whilst consistently improving skin health and appearance. Pestle and Mortar is my solution for them.

If I had to call out a hero product from my range, I think I’d pick the double cleanse system, Erase and Renew. Double cleansing prepares the skin for all my other products to work to maximum benefit. It’s like sanding the walls before you start painting or a wardrobe clear-out before you go shopping. Once you embrace double cleansing into your skincare routine and see the effects, there’s no going back!

Sonya Deasy

Founder of Pestle & Mortar