Jess Redden’s Travel Beauty Bag Essentials

Jess Redden’s Travel Beauty Bag Essentials

This blog post is written by our Brand Ambassador Jess Redden.

When I go on holidays I like to travel as light as possible and not bring the kitchen sink away with me! I have some staple pieces in my beauty travel bag that always make the cut, which I have listed below.


I have only started lathering on my SPF in the last year as prevention is key when it comes to skin aging. I have noticed that my skin has become hyperpigmented and I already have sun damage on my face so I am super careful now when I go on holidays to make sure I apply my factor 50 every morning and throughout the day. My favourite one at the moment is the Avene Mineral Fluid. Its lightweight formula is different to many of the thick heavy suncreams and my skin takes very well to it, I find it super moisturizing and calming as it is enriched with their thermal spring water which brings me on to my second product…

I love the Vichy Thermal Spring Water! It is one of my wonder products that serves many purposes. I love spritzing it on my face in the heat as a refresher or on my legs after shaving. I also use it in the evenings before I apply make-up to calm and soothe any redness from the sun.

One of the great things about going away is that your skin gets a chance to breathe! I don’t like wearing an awful lot of make-up especially on holidays. In the evenings I mainly use three products; mascara, a lightweight dewy foundation and a brow product. Recently I bought the Benefit Hello Happy Foundation in Shade 4 and find it so natural and perfect for holiday date nights. Two of my other Benefit staples are the ‘They’re Real’ mascara and Benefit ‘Goof Proof’ brow pencil.


As kids, my parents always used the Nivea Aftersun on us, so it is my staple aftersun product. I usually bring a big bottle with me in my suitcase and keep it in the fridge when I am away and marinade in it after an evening shower! I use it all over the body including my face. I find it super soothing and it is great for turning any burns into tan the next day!

When I am away I tend to take a break from my daily supplements. One thing I  suffer with after a long haul flight and the temperature change is bloating as a result of fluid retention. I find the Optibac ‘One Week Flat’ probiotics great for beating the bloat. It is a short one week course that you can take the week before you travel!


 McCauley Pharmacy also has 3 for 2 on their Travel Minis this month so pop into your nearest store or shop our Sun and Holiday Collection. Hurry as this offer ends May 28th!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my favourite products. Leave a comment below to share what’s in your travel beauty bag!



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