6 Common Hair Myths

6 Common Hair Myths

Our latest blog post is written by the team at WE ARE PARADOXX. If you’re looking for an Irish brand that’s vegan, cruelty-free and donates to charity from every purchase, look no further!  We’re giving a FREE Hangover Hair Elixir when you purchase any WE ARE PARADOXX product online!

Our hair is often seen as a reflection of who we are, as it’s something both personal and public. Many of us feel that a bad hair day = a bad day. So most of us spend time and effort making our hair sits right, ensuring it’s not too flat, too dry or too frizzy! But there are some things we do (because we believe it’s the best way to treat our strands), that are actually complete hair myths! So let’s bust those myths for unreal hair no matter what day it is!


Myth #1 – Your shampoo MUST foam in order to work

Most foaming products like soaps and shampoos usually contain sulphates. On the label you’ll see these listed as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate or Ammonium Lauryl Sulphate – SLS or ALS for short. These sulphates work to attract both oil and water so they are great at removing dirt. The downside – sulphates can be super drying or even cause skin irritation.

If you’re experience any kind of irritation on your scalp, neck or hairline, it’s usually SLS that’s the culprit.

Colour your hair? Another reason to avoid SLS. It’s so good at cleaning that it strips the colour from your stands, causing your hair colour to fade quicker. Using an SLS-free shampoo will keep your colour lasting longer!

So if you shouldn’t expect your sulphate-free shampoo to foam as well as those that contain sulphates, how should you use it?

  1. Ensure you thoroughly wet your hair. By making sure it’s completely soaked, it’ll be easier to apply and distribute the shampoo through your hair.
  2. Scrub in one area to help foam up your WE ARE PARADOXX Super Natural Shampoo and then move on to the next section.
  3. Shampoo twice. Especially if you have lots of other products in your hair such as hairspray or dry shampoo. This will ensure you remove the dirt and oil from your hair and the second shampoo will really lift and lather up more easily.
  4. Rinse through your hair thoroughly and follow-up with Secret Weapon 3-In-1 Conditioner.


Myth #2 – Blow drying is bad for your hair and you should let it air dry naturally

While overheating your hair during styling for extended periods of time will cause damage to your hair, some studies have shown that leaving it to dry completely naturally can also cause damage within the hair strands. When your hair is wet, it’s around half as strong as it is when dry. So the longer you leave your hair wet, you’re opening the strands up to more damage. It’s definitely not worth risking for split ends! Start off with a lower heat before turning up the temperature. Cut down your blow-dry time down further with CLIMAX Volume Tonic which can speed up your blow-dry by 50 percent!


Myth #3 – Oils are only for dry hair

Oils will add moisture and shine, smooth frizz and nourish your hair no matter what your hair type. The HANGOVER Hair Elixir is a serum-oil hybrid that works as a leave-in treatment or a finishing oil. Its high performing ingredients will work wonders on your strands. It has Irish Whiskey to add strength, shine and bounce; Argan oil to improve condition and texture; Coconut oil to strengthen; and Soya oil to improve moisture retention and shine! So why not leave it in to soak overnight, or simply use one drop to your fingertips and run through the ends of your hair!


Myth #4 – Too much conditioner will make your hair greasy

If this is the case with your current conditioner – ditch it! A good conditioner should absolutely do what it says on the tin… deeply condition! You should nourish your hair with conditioner from the root to the ends, not only the ends like so many of us are familiar with doing. The Secret Weapon 3-In-1 Conditioner works amazingly as a partner to your shampoo, but can also be used as a leave-in treatment or as a finish balm to help manage those flyaways! Or if you fancy some deep conditioning, a weekly hair mask is never a bad idea! Whether you want to leave a mask in for 10 minutes or overnight, the Vichy Dercos Nutri Nourish Mask is just that. With incredible ingredients, you can expect your hair and scalp to feel super rejuvenated. #Goals


Myth #5 – Shampoos lose their effect after long term use

If you want more volume than your colour-safe shampoo can provide, or you’re prone to frizzy, dry hair during the summer and that sensitive-scalp shampoo isn’t going to cut it, then go right ahead and change up your shampoo as and when you want to. But if your hair needs remain constant and you just want clean, healthy, glossy locks 365 days of the year? Your shampoo will never stop working so stick to the WE ARE PARADOXX Super Natural Shampoo and you can’t go wrong.


Myth #6 – Eating your crusts will give you curly hair!

Probably the most disappointing myth of all – unfortunately all the crusty bread in the world won’t give you those coveted curls (but don’t let that stop you eating it!). If you can’t be bothered using hair tools and you want the closest things to curls you can get with naturally straight hair, the FIERCE Celtic Sea Salt Spray will give you beach waves that look good whatever the weather. 🙌


Don’t forget we’re offering a FREE Hangover Hair Elixir with any WE ARE PARADOXX purchase online.


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