Everything you need to know when bathing your baby


Baby bathtime is sacred time. A treasured experience, it’s that part of the day where it’s just you, and your little one. Bathtime can be a moment for building a special connection with your new baby while they enjoy the sensation of water on their skin. Doubled up with a baby massage and feed, it can also be the perfect winddown ritual to relax and calm him or her before bedtime. As your child grows, so does the fun with bubbles and bathtime toys.

But, what do you need to know when bathing your baby? Well, baby and adult skin is different. A baby begins life with thin, sensitive skin which is prone to irritation and rashes. It also has higher water content, meaning that it absorbs and loses hydration faster than adult skin.

Another key difference is that a baby’s skin barrier function is not yet fully developed. This makes their skin potentially more susceptible to the penetration of germs and substances. In the days and weeks after birth, your baby’s skin will learn to self-regulate, and their skin’s barrier function will improve. During this time you will be able to see visible changes in your baby’s skin, as it appears less translucent and feels plumper to touch. Dry flaky skin is common while a little one’s skin finds its balance too.

During this delicate time, it’s a good idea to be extra careful with the things you use to care for your baby’s skin. Less is more, when it comes to baby care. Gentle ingredients that clean, nourish and protect your baby’s skin can be a great help, not just in the early weeks, but also as they grow. It’s also recommendable to use fragrance-free cosmetics, to reduce the risk of skin sensitivity and flare-ups.


What does a great baby bath routine look like? 


Step 1: Clean

How often do babies need a bath? In the first 24 hours after birth, there’s no need to bath your baby at all. Babies are born with a lovely white, waxy coating which protects them in the first hours of life. From then on, there’s no hard and fast rule on how often you should bath your baby. Whatever suits you and feels right is probably just right. Unless you want to there’s really no need to wash your little one every day, they rarely sweat or get dirty enough to need a full bath that often. A bath 2-3 times a week is enough to keep him clean. Too much washing could, in fact, dry out your baby’s delicate skin and make it even more sensitive and susceptible to rashes. Daily bathing is okay if you’re using gentle ingredients to cleanse the skin, with products mixed in water for a bubble bath, rather than applied directly to the skin. .

SKIN SAPIENS baby bath gel is a great choice. Made with 98% natural origin ingredients, vegan and international cruelty free, this simple bubble bath gel combines the gentlest of the cleansing ingredients with the benefits of oat oil to wash your baby’s delicate skin. Unperfumed, dermatologically tested and paediatrician approved, this baby bath gel will help make bathtime clean and simple.



Step 2: Hydrate

Once your baby is clean, it’s time to moisturise his or her skin. Replenishing any oils lost during bath time is essential to keep his skin smooth and healthy. A nice way to connect with your little one could be by giving him or her a massage. Can a baby massage in the evening be used to nourish your child’s skin and become part of a ritual to help them to relax before sleep? Your baby’s skin is super sensitive to most things, including your touch. When you massage him, you stimulate his “feel-good” hormones, reducing his irritability and helping him sleep better.

For help on how to give your  little one a  massage check out this great post.

SKIN SAPIENS baby lotion is a natural, simple and effective formula made by pairing nature’s best active botanicals. This lightweight and milk-like lotion containing calendula is ideal to nourish, hydrate and massage your baby’s delicate skin in the most gentle way. Unperfumed, dermatologically tested and paediatrician approved, it’s a great addition to your baby’s bath routine.



Step 3: Protect 

Final step on baby’s bath routine. Nappy rashes go hand in hand with babies. Whether it’s rubbing with nappies, sensitive skin or teething, sadly sore bottoms happen. The good news? While not always something we can control, we help prevent them by applying baby balm to the baby’s clean diaper area. This will help create a protective layer against moisture and bacteria to avoid the appearance of these unwanted rashes. For severe rashes, you’ll want a thicker, medicated barrier balm, but for day to day prevention it can help to have a lighter balm to hand.

SKIN SAPIENS baby balm is a delicate oil blend of calendula, olive and avocado, ideal for comforting, nourishing and protecting sensitive skin. This solid balm melts in contact with skin to carefully release these wonderful selection of botanical oils. Unperfumed, dermatologically tested and paediatrician approved it’s ideal for baby’s bottom and guaranteed to become the family favourite balm. Also great for softening cuticles, dry hands and elbows. Oh, it’s good on sore noses too!



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