Sovereign Silver Dropper 59ml

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Sovereign Silver Dropper 59ml

As corroborated by a university study, Sovereign Silver® contains 96% actively charged silver particles (positively charged [Ag+] silver ions). Easily Absorbed. Sovereign Silver’s® unprecedented average particle size of 0.0008 microns, or 0.8 nanometers (validated by Transmission Electron Microscopy), allows for easy utilization by – and excretion from – the cells and body. Our ultra-small particle size also results in a greater silver surface area which means it is more effective than brands that contain up to 500 ppm! 99.999% Pure:  Sovereign Silver has only 2 ingredients: silver and pharmaceutical-grade purified water. dangerous. Packaged in non-leaching glass bottles. Can also be used for plants and animals affected by fungus, bacteria or viruses. Apply or spray as needed.